Red Wing 2 Gallon Water Cooler

I was wondering about this Red Wing Stoneware water cooler. I have seen a nearly identical 2 gallon with a lid but no spigot priced at 5000-6000 in a price guide. The 3 is on the inside, no handles, no lid, spigot present, 4 inch wing, etc. Thank you Jeremy


Answer: Jeremy, you have a hand turned Red Wing 3 gallon water cooler. You are correct on the price range that can take place with a perfect 2 gallon hand turned Red Wing water cooler. The 2 gallon Red Wing hand turned water cooler is extremely hard to find, where as the 3, 4 & 5 gallon hand turned coolers are much easier to come by. A 3 gallon hand turned (number inside of cooler) in MINT condition and nice looking can fetch between $600 & $800 without the lid. Any damage such as hairlines or chips, can reduce the value to half. Al Kohlman