10 Gallon Salt Glaze Bee Sting Crock

Question: I’m not sure were to locate information on the bee sting design on crocks. I just purchased a 10 gallon stinger at auction. It has a small chip in the handle but other then that it is in excellent condition. I paid 60.00 for it did I spend to much! Thank you Kim


Answer: Kim, the bee-sting design (which I call the lazy 8 target) is the most common design you will find on salt glazed crocks. This design was used by a number of stoneware companies. I would need to see a good photo of the front of the crock, the glaze and the handles to be able to tell you if it is indeed a Red Wing Crock. However, at $60 you did very well on this piece. Even if it is not Red Wing, but still a nice looking piece of salt glaze with a good bee-sting, you can expect a value at a minimum of $200. So pat your self on the back. Al Kohlman