6 gallon butter churn

I have a old 6 gallon butter churn with lid and stomper. On the side of the churn it has the number 6 and also the red wing logo just above the #6. Could you send me soem information on the churn and how much it would be worth if we sold it. i also have a abingdon #590 blue vase. Could you send me some information and price on this vase. Thank You Very Much. Ken Hanson


Answer: Ken, I can help you with the Red Wing stoneware 6 gallon butter churn, however your piece of Art Pottery will need to be answered by the Red Wing Art Pottery experts as I have little to no knowledge in this area. Your 6 gallon Red Wing churn in Mint condition with lid would have a value between $525 & $575. If no lid reduce the price by $100. Any damage such as chips or hairlines can reduce the value by half depending on how severe the damage is. Hope this is of some help. Al Kohlman