Monkey Jug

Looking for someone to help identify a 1 gallon monkey jug that I have owned for several years. I asked at the last antique show here in Cedar Falls and a member suggested I contact the Society. It has a few markings on it, nothing on the bottom. F. USSER along with what appears to be Valley, MISS. is below the vent hole. These are all stamped letters and has been doubled stamped either after failure the first time or whatever. Thanks for any help that someone may offer.


Answer: Without seeing a photo of your monkey jug, it is quite difficult to identify it. However with the information you have given me, I do not feel your monkey jug was produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Company. With all the Red Wing Monkey jugs that I have seen, I have never come across a F. USSER, Valley MISS on any of their jugs. Monkey jugs were produced by a number of mid-western stoneware companies. Knowing this and that the advertising is from down south leads me to believe your monkey jug was produced by a pottery closer to this area. Al Kohlman