Ball Lock Jar

Looking to purchase a ball lock for what I believe is a 3 gallon jar. It is a Red Wing, but has no gallon marking.


Answer: If there is no markings, I would not be positive that this ball locking jar is Red Wing. Red Wing marked their 3 gallon ball locking jars with wings and ovals or with just the oval along with the number 3. Western Stoneware Company also produced these ball locking jars which are very close to the style of the Red Wing jars. In fact, a large number of Western ball locking jars have no markings on them at all. Knowing this, you would really need to compare the unmarked ball locking jar to a marked Red Wing jar (side by side) to know for sure. Finding just the ball locking mechanism can be quite hard to do. I would think that Ebay would be your best change in finding one. Good luck. Al Kohlman