Red Wing Bull Dog

Good afternoon, I was referred to your website & have a question regarding a Red Wing stoneware pottery item that I purchased at a estate sale sometime ago. I have a Red Ware stoneware "Bulldog" deep brown glaze & approx. 8 to 9 inches long. (large piece & is in wonderful condition) I’ve tried to find info. on this piece but….not as easy as it may seem. :( I’d like to know what the: Age, history & value $$ of this piece would be if at all possible ? I saw the EXACT photo of this bulldog on the Red Wing Pottery website & asked a Mr. "Jim Tyne" who suggested I further my question with your organization. Thank you once more for your time as I welcome your reply. With warmest regards, Michael –


Answer: Michael, you came to the right place. The Red Wing Stoneware Company began producing the Bulldog along with the pigs and cow & calf in 1895. The bulldog sold for 18 cents at that time. Today, your bulldog in mint condition has a value between $600 & $800. Al Kohlman