20 Gallon Crock with Leaves

Could you tell me approx. what this might be worth: red wing crock with leaves, union stoneware company, red wing, minnesota .. no cracks or chips .. 20 gallon. Thank you Nancy


Answer: Nancy, a Red Wing crock with leaves could have different values depending on the two different styles of leaves and if the leaves were applied with blue or black ink. A 20 gallon with one set of black birch leaves would have a value of $100 where in blue ink may have a value of $150. Two sets of birch leaves in black ink may have a value of $200 where blue ink $250. If the leaves were elephant ears, then one set of leaves may be worth $250 where two sets of these leaves may have a value of $500. Values would be determined by darkness of ink use to applied the leaves, fully printed leaves, number and oval and how well the number, leaves and oval are balanced on the front of the crock. With all this being said, look over your 20 gallon Red Wing crock and select the area that best fits your crock and it’s leaves. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman