4 Gallon Salt Glaze?

My mother in Cadillac, Michigan recently passed a crock on to me. Photo attached. 11.5 inches high, 11 inches in diameter, light golden brown exterior, brown/black interior. My google searchs point to the possibility of it being a Red Wing. It has (as described on some web sites) a "lazy eight bee sting" mark with an apparent stylized number 4, with no other markings. I’d appreciate any help you could give me in identifying the maker, the crock’s age, and value. Thanks in advance. Doug Nystrom, Chicago.


Answer: Doug, your photo of your mother’s 4 gallon salt glaze crock did not come through. Without a photo of the decoration, I cannot identify it’s maker and therefore cannot give you a value. Please try and resend your photo and I will be happy to assist. thanks Al Kohlman