5 gallon Crock

I have a stone crock pot approximately 5 gallons pass to me from my Grandmother who was born in the late 1890’s. Description: 5 gallons with the marking of “5" in blue; the 5 is located on one side centered on the outside of the pot. It has handles on both sides. Color; top half brown, bottom half stone color. My mother said it was used to make wine. What is the estimated value of this pot? Thanks, Gerald

Gerald, your 5 gallon stoneware crock was not manufactured by the Red Wing Stoneware Company. Red Wing did not produce two tone crocks. My best guess (without seeing a photo of your crock) would be the Western Stoneware Company who manufactured your grandmother’s crock. With no damage, the value on your crock would be in the range of $50 to $75. Al Kohlman