Hamm’s Krug Klug Mug

I have seen three different Hamm’s beer Krug Klub mugs. The first one is all brown inside and out underneath bottom is RW stamp. Second one is brown on outside with white inside RW stamped on bottom. Then is one that is brown on outside white inside but no RW stamp on bottom and is sold as Red Wing made mug. Were all three made by Red Wing? Thanks Ray


Ray, I cannot say for sure if all three of the mugs you mentioned were manufactured by the Red Wing Stoneware Company without seeing a photo of the one that is not signed. The Hamm’s Brewing Company commissioned the Red Wing Potteries to produce several different premiums in the 1950’s. I know of two different sizes of mugs which are embossed with the words "Hamm’s Krug Klub" on them. So it is most likely that the mug which is not signed could very well have been manufactured by the Red Wing Stoneware Company. Al Kohlman