8 Gallon Water Cooler

Can you tell me anything about the history/value my 8 gallon Red Wing water cooler? I haven’t been able to locate the cooler in any Red Wing reference books. There is an 8 stamped on the inside bottom of the cooler and a fine Y shaped hairline crack on the inside bottom. Thanks. Jim

Jim, your 8 gallon Red Wing transition Cooler with the hexagon bung hole is rare. The bung hole is from the early salt glaze era and was eliminated during the style changes from Ice Waters to Water Coolers. You will find some Ice Waters with hexagon bung holes, but very few Water Coolers. The last catalog showing hexagon bung holes was 1895. So it is hard to give a date as to when your Cooler was manufactured. However, it had to be in the first stages in theproduction of Water Coolers. With the tight spider, I
would value your Cooler in the range of $1300 to$1800. Al Kohlman