15 gallon Redwing Crock

I recently submitted a question but have not seen an answer. I have become interested in collecting Red Wing stoneware after seeing it so often on eBay. I was surprised to see a Red wing piece for sale at the recent Adirondacks antique show in Indian Lake, N.Y. I bought it for $180.00 but think I may have gotten off to a bad start as far as collecting Red Wing stoneware. It’s a 15 gallon crock with a blue 15 and a large wing but no oval or bottom marking. It has a spigot on the bottom and a hole near the top on the right side when viewing from the front and is in excellent condition. It also has a cover in great shape that is not marked but has the petals and a bail handle and looks just like one I’ve seen in a Red Wing book. The cover has a more salt glazed look to it than the more white looking crock. Could this have been a water cooler or perhaps just something used to make something like pickles? Did I pay way too much? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Fred C.

Fred, it sounds like you made an excellent purchase with your 15 gallon Red Wing crock with lid. The crock alone is valued in the area of $200 to $250 with the large wing and two spigot holes. The spigot if stamped "Central" and in good condition is valued at $50. The lid (being a little salty brings the price down some) is valued between $100 & $150. With all this being said, if your piece is as nice as it sounds, you should have no problems doubling your investment should you decide to sell it. Al Kohlman