One Gallon Crock

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I have an old old crock which has been around and about for many many years. The front of the crock displays the red wing mark which is a rusty brown color. It is a lidded crock measuring 8 inches tall not including the lid. The diameter of the base measures 7 inches. Not too sure what the gallon size is.

Could you please give me some info on this crock, any info you may have on it would be appreciated. It is stoneware I have no idea if it is salt glaze or otherwise. I know that it is older than the hills and would appreciate any assistance you are able to give.

The wing mark measures 4 inches in length to the tip of the wing and 2 inches in width. No apparent marks anywhere on the jug other than the red wing at the front.

– thanks, Nancy

Nancy, you have a Red Wing 1 gallon crock. These 1 gallon crocks with wings are somewhat hard to come by. The lid is not Red Wing however. The value on your crock if there is no chips, hairlines or cracks is around $450. Any damage and the the value will be reduced.
– Thanks Al Kohlman