Ten Gallon Redwing Crock

I found a self draining 10 gallon Redwing Crock. It appears to have had concrete mixed inside of it for some reason. Maybe so it would not drain? It looks as though it has been iced like a cake on the inside. There are no visible cracks, chips or repairs to the outside that would make this concrete mixture of any use. It has the red wing, a blue 10 and the inscription self draining. Could you tell me if it is worth anyting?
Thank you in advance. Nancy

Nancy, the cement in your self draining jar will definitely hurt it’s value. However, there are always a few collectors looking for porch pieces (something that can sit out side and no great loss if it is stolen). It may still have a value of $50 to $75 depending on how back someone would want it. If the coating of cement is thin, it may be worth a little more.
– Al Kohlman