8 gal Water Cooler

Hi I have an 8 gallon bubbling water cooler with lid and stand. I found under the basement stairs in a country church that my husband pastored. It was headed to the dump. Other than the dry rubber gasket on the fount it seems to be in excellant condition. I have several interested buyers but after hanging on to it for 20 years I am reluctant to sell with out good info. I live in northern Mn. but have been unable to connect with collectors in Red Wing. I also have a round cookie pot (No lid) that has been in my husbands family. Thanks Kathy

Kathy, if I had a photo of your water cooler, it would help me give you a better estimate do to size of the red wing and how well the markings are. An 8 gallon Red Wing water cooler is harder to come by than the 3, 4, 5 or 6 gallon size therefore it has a greater value than these. I would estimate your cooler if in perfect condition between $650 & $800. Al Kohlman