Salt Glaze, need photo

Hi I was wondering, I have a jug that my grandmother left me when she passed. I was wondering if it could be a redwing. The desciption i’m giving is generic. I also have pictures but don\’t know todown load them. It’s about 3 gallons tan salt glaze with a blue insgnia shaped like 2 tornadoes wrapped together. It also has gobs of dark gray glaze dropped on the handle and side of jug. Please follow up with your expert opinion and let me know if you can. Thank you brenda

Brenda, any time we begin to discuss salt glaze or another type of stoneware that is unmarked, I really need to have a photo of it. There were so many potteries in the mid west that I just don’t want to give you the incorrect information. See if you can find someone who could help you send a photo of this jug to me so I can better help you out. Al Kohlman