Water Cooler from 1930

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My mother handed down a water cooler that used to be in her one-room school house. I am curious about the year it was made and if it has any value. It appears to have a crack on the bottom edge, but it does hold water and does work when the button is pushed.

Edie, your mother’s Red Wing water cooler was manufactured after 1930. The Red Wing on your cooler is roughly 1-5/8". The Red Wing contained Uranium which became very expensive prior to World War 2. Therefore the size of the wing can help us date the piece. Also, the words "WATER COOLER" is plain and not scrolled, which makes your mother’s cooler the latest molded version. If the cooler were in excellent condition which includes the lid and bubbler, it would be valued in the area of $600. The crack on the bottom of the cooler will reduce the value, but with out seeing how extensive it is, it is hard for me to say how much. Al Kohlman