Value of different crocks?

What is the value of a one gallon red wing crock? 4 gallon red wing crock? and value of a one gallon jug, it’s white/grey with carry ring approx. one gallon?
Thanks Melanie

Melanie, this is somewhat hard to answer without seeing a photo of the crocks and knowing what their condition is. Does your 1 gallon Red Wing crock have a Red Wing? If so, is it a 4 1/2" wing or a 2" wing, or no wing at all. The 4 gallon crock. Does it have a 4 1/2" wing or a 2" wing? Your 1 gallon Red Wing jug. Is it stamped with the words Red Wing on the bottom or just plain? Are there any cracks, chips or hairlines on any of the pieces? As you can see, there are just to many variables that I need to know in order for me to give you an estimated value. If you could answer these questions for me or send photos, I will feel a bit more comfortable with estimating a value for you. Al Kohlman