Star Stoneware Bowl

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I have this bowl it looks to be over 100 years old. It is 10" wide at top, it has a wire & wood handle comming across the top. Ithas a brown glaze on the inside. The markings on the botton reads THE GERMAN, then there is a star in the middle. And under the star it reads ACIDPROOF. Is this from the the north star stoneware company? Thanks Jeff

Jeff, your bowl is not North Star. North Star did not manufacture casseroles with the words German embossed on the bottom. Also, the Red Wing Union Stoneware Company had a patent on the handles in 1915. If North Star had these handles prior to 1915, Red Wing would not have been granted a patent on them. My best guess on your bowl is The Star Stoneware Company of Crooksville, Ohio. Al Kohlman