Crock marked with 2

We have a Redwing Crock that has the red wing marking with 2, that is attached to a two foot section of pipe. The pipe has a screw on the end which might indicate that it was attached to something. It was found buried on land near Farm Island Lake in MN where there used to be a maple syrup business. Can you tell me what it is and what it might have been used for? Also, does it have value. Thanks Deb

Deb, your question is somewhat difficult to answer without a photo of your crock. I think what you are describing is a 2 gallon Red Wing crock with a spigot hole. These were made by Red Wing as small coolers, for laboratories and used for various reasons. If this is what it is, then depending on condition, size of the Red Wing and if it has an oval or no oval, the price can range from $100 to $300 if in mint condition. With a photo, I could give you a better description and more accurate value. Al Kohlman