One Gallon Jug with Beehive

One gallon jug, dark brown glaze, beehive style. Approx. 1" opening on the top, with loop handle. Raised letters on the bottom that say, Minnesota Stoneware Co along the top, and Red Wing along the bottom. Found on the farm of my mother-in-law’s mother. What would you estimate the value to be? Is it a rare piece? What time period was it made? Thank you for any help you can give. Thanks Terry

Terry, your 1 gallon Minnesota "Common " Brown jug was manufactured by the Minnesota Stoneware Company from 1895 to early 1900’s. They are not considered rare as they are fairly easy to find. The value is between $65 & $95. Excellent condition and a strong bottom mark is what collectors are looking for. Al Kohlman