5 Gallon Jug

My in-laws gave me a "jug" that has a number 5 on it with the red wing logo on it to put in a garage sale. I think this has some value, so I’m afraid to put it in the garage sale. How much is this piece worth? Thanks, Lisa

Lisa, if your Red Wing 5 Gallon jug is a shoulder jug (it will have a 1/2" lip at the dome of the jug) it is valued between $50 & $100. This price will differ depending on the size of the wing (4 1/2" wing is worth more than a 2 7/8" wing. Also, with no chips, cracks or hairlines, the value will be on the higher side. If it is a 5 gallon beehive (jug will have a beehive shape with no 1/2" lip just below the dome. In perfect condition, $350. Any damage and the price will be greatly reduce. Now, put it in that garage sale. Thanks Al Kohlman