6″ cherry band pitcher

Hello, I have a question about 6" cherry band advertising pitchers. Are there any records as to how many different advertisments were made? If not any guess as to how many different locations were advertised and/or the numbers produced? Thanks Ken

Ken, This is an interesting question. Up to this time, there has been very little information on number of advertising pieces manufactured by the Red Wing Stoneware Company. However, at this years Mid Winter convention, a longtime Red Wing collector by the name of Dave Hutchson and his wife Bonnie announced that they are donating their entire collection to the Red Wing Collection Society’s Foundation Museum. In this collection (which was saved by Dave’s father who worked at the pottery) are documents dating back to the company’s start, including a complete set of catalog’s from 1877 to 1967 and every pamphlet Red Wing produced. Once all this information is cataloged, one should be able to have a very thorough idea of what was made, how many and in what time period. Al Kohlman