North Star 4 gallon crock

Hello, I think I have a north star 4 gallon crock. I collect salt glaze redwings, but this one has the 4 and under it has a leaf which goes up. The tip of the leaf is on the upper left side and the end or bottom of the leaf is on the right side.

I know that northstar early leaves were the other way though. The tip on the upper right side and the bottom on the left. Other than that, the leaf looks correct. Could you help me in this. Thanks, Ted

Ted, without seeing a photo of your crock, I can only go by your description. From what you have described, it does sound like a North Star. Crocks which have the leaf’s basically turned upside down and are rather primitive are usually attributed to North Star, but still could be manufactored by another pottery. With a photo, I would feel more confident with by decision. Al Kohlman