5 Gallon Jug

Hi I have a 5 gallon shoulder jug, I can’t find anything about it. Maybe you can help? In the Red Wing Stoneware book on page 37 is a jug that looks something like it. My jug doesn’t have a dark brown top it looks like carmel to me, it has a 5 with a wing under it with an oval under that. Oval Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing, Minn. Hope you can help and what is it worth? Jerry

Jerry, Your jug is Red Wing and would be in the same price range as stated in your Red Wing Stoneware book. The Albany slips came in both the dark shiny color (more desirable with most collectors) and the carmel color. Also, the size of the wing on your jug would also contribute to the cost. The larger the wing, the greater the demand. Either way, this is a rare jug. If no damage, your jug is worth between $400 & $500 depending on wing size and appeal. Al Kohlman