Brown Jug

Hi, Is this jug a Redwing? Beehive? It measures aprox. 13 1/2\" high x 10\" across the bottom. No makers marks on the jug. As you can see it has a three on the front. Please id this jug and give aprox. value. It is in great condition. Thank you, Allen

Mark, the only photo I received of your jug was a left side view. In viewing this photo, the left side of the handle base in which it was applied looks to be Red Wing. I would be extremely helpful to know how the 3 was applied. Is the 3 stamped into jug or was it etched into the Albany slip by a sharp object such as a nail?

Knowing this would better identify the jug. Now as far as value. The most common of these Red Wing beehives is the 5, follow by the 4’s. I see very few 3’s. If your jug is Red Wing and in Mint condition, I would place the value between $300 & $500. If not Red Wing $50 to $100.

Hope this helps. Al Kohlman