New Red Wing Stoneware

I bought at an auction this Red Wing Stoneware Jug. I have always wanted a Red Wing, I love all types of stoneware. I was wondering if you can tell me a little more about this Collectors Journal and what makes it a second edition? How much you think it was worth? I paid $20 for this jug. I appreciate the time it will take to look at this item. I did some research but came up empty. Thank you again! Micki

Answer: Micki, your jug is a reproduction of the original Red Wing Stoneware Company’s jug. It was manufactured by the New Red Wing Stoneware Company in Red Wing Minnesota. It is considered a reproduction by Red Wing Collectors and because of it’s age, it is not considered collectible by most of us older collectors. I do not know what these jugs cost new, but my best guest it is valued in the area of what you purchased it for. Hope this helps. Al Kohlman