Red Wing Collection

My grandma would like to sell some of her red wing items on ebay but we dont know how much they are currently going for. If you could tell us how much we could get for each and a little bit about each item that would be great. We have a 1 quart stone mason jar with a black label with the original lid with no chips or cracks. A village brown green bean pot 2 quart with no cover no chips or cracks. A saffron bean pot half gallon with the cover no cracks or chips. A wide mouth tomato or fruit jug half gallon no chips no cracks. A brown and white bailed bean pot 1 quart with cover no chips no cracks. Also we have a small saffron bowl with red and blue sponging with some chips at the top around the edge one dime size and 2 smaller ones.


Answer: Let’s start with the Red Wing stone mason jar. It was manufactured with a patent date of 1899 and is the best piece on your list. In mint condition, they sell in the area of $275 to $300. Black ink is less desirable then those printed with blue ink. The village brown bean pot with no cover was the latest of the dinnerware manufactured by Red Wing. Value without the lid is maybe $10. The wide mouth tomato or fruit jug is not very collectible do to no decoration. Value in the area of $20 to $25. The brown & white bean pot with no advertisement was produced in the 1930’s and has a value of $30. The small saffron bowl with red & blue sponging and chips (without advertising) will also be in the $30 range. Once posted on ebay with Red Wing in the title, a photo and honest discription, the Red Wing collecters will take care of there true value. Hope this is of some help. Al Kohlman