Lotus pattern 6 place setting, divided veg & creamer

I have a 6 place setting of Red Wing Lotus pattern that I wish to sell. Rick Natynski Editor of the Red Wing Collector news said you might know if my asking price is too low or too high. For Sale: Red Wing Lotus Pattern – (bronze) 6 cups and 5 saucers (1 broken saucer) 6 sauce dishes 6 dessert plates 6 dinner plates 1 large serving bowl (divided) 1 creamer I was thinking between $200 & $250 for them. I will be advertising them in the Red Wing Collectors newsletter. Thanks for your help. Julie

Answer: My estimated value for each individual piece in your collection adds up to a little under $200. That means in my opinion $200 would be at the upper end of the value for this collection, and that assumes all items are in excellent condition. The price you set on this collection depends on how eager you are to sell it. A lower price will attract more interest; a higher price will likely not sell so quickly. You may want to consider selling the divided vegetable dish and possibly the creamer separately from the place setting dishes. A Lotus collector might be interested in the divided vegetable dish but not willing to pay for your entire collection to obtain it.