Brittany and Picardy dinnerware use in dishwasher

I have a set of RedWing dinnerware from my now deceased Mom. It is banded yellow with blue and yellow flowers, green leaves. I haven’t counted the pieces but it may be a complete set in good condition. Can I put it in the dishwasher? Is it worth much? I’d actually like to use it! thanks in advance! Laury

Your description fits both the Brittany and Picardy dinnerware patterns. While Picardy includes some green leaves, the more prominent leaves are brown so you probably have Brittany dishes. Brittany was made in the 1940s, long before automatic dishwashers became common household appliances. The glaze on Brittany and other patterns in the Provincial shape is very susceptible to crazing, which means the glaze is not intact and a dishwasher would likely lead to further deterioration. I would not put Brittany dinnerware in a dishwasher.

PIcardy was a pattern made in the Village Green shape and was produced in the 1960s. By this time Red Wing dinnerware glazes were much improved. While Red Wing did not mention dishwashers in their promotional literature, Red Wing dishes made in the 1960s are most likely safe to use in a dishwasher. My family routinely washed a different 1960s pattern (Charstone Bleu) in our dishwasher for nearly 20 years with no ill effect. Intact Picardy dishes — no chips or cracks — should be safe to use in a dishwasher.

As for value, the Brittany and Picardy patterns are somewhere in the middle of the pack compared to other Red Wing patterns. Collecting them is fine but I like your idea of using them as everyday dishes, which was of course their original purpose. If you treat them well they will still have collector value when you are done with them