Country Garden dinnerware

Hi, I have, I believe, a complete set of the Country Garden dinnerware in good condition. It consists of six dinner plates, six coffee cups and small plates, a serving platter, tea pot, water pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, etc. It’s been boxed up for a long time but I believe there might be a chip in one of the plates. Trying to figure out the value and the best way to try and sell it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Karin

Answer: Below are values for the Country Garden items listed in the question. Sorry but I cannot provide values for the "etc" items not listed. All values assume excellent condition with no damage.

Dinner plate: $15-20
Cup & saucer: $12-17
Teapot: $75-125
Platter: $25-35
Water pitcher: $50-75
Salt & Pepper: $20-30

Please see the FAQ link in the dark green area at the top of this page for suggestions on selling Red Wing. There are numerous factors to consider in determining how best to sell a collection of Red Wing dinnerware.