Lotus plates, cups & saucers

I would like information and value of a 4 piece dinnerware set. Red Wing lotus concord,number on bottom of dinner,salad and saucer plates is 193. plates-dinner-10 1/2" cross center, 11 1/8" cross corner salad & saucer-6 1/4" cross center, 7" cross corner cups 6 to 8oz.-4" across 1 1/2" deep Excellent condition. Never been used. Found wrapped in newspaper,dated May 11, 1961. Thank you, Wil Dobbins

Answer: Lotus is one of many patterns in the Concord shape. Lotus was introduced in the late 1940s and was made until 1957. It was a very good seller back in the day, and place setting pieces such as yours are readily available today. The "193" number of the bottom of your items is a stock or batch number. The number has no real affect on the value but some collectors would appreciate that all of your Lotus items came from the same lot. The following values for the items listed assume excellent condition:

Dinner plate: $10-15
Cup & Saucer: $8-12
Bread plate (6.25 inches across): $7-10