Village Green 1 gallon coffee server with stand

I have a 11" tall RedWing lidded pitcher, with black metal stand. The pitcher is brown glazed, but the lid is a turquoise/green color. The pitcher has a knob on each side that fits into the metal stand, which accomodates a votive candle. The markings on the bottom say "Red Wing USA" Eva

Answer: You have a Village Green 1 gallon coffee server with its original stand. The Village Green pattern was introduced in 1952. It was a very popular pattern and sold well right up until the Potteries closed in 1967. Initially Red Wing offered a 1 gallon coffee server without the side knobs and metal stand. When filled with liquid this monster too heavy for most homemakers to handle, so it was soon revised.

The 1 gallon coffee server can be fairly difficult to find, especially with the metal stand. The two pieces often became separated as they passed from owner to owner in subsequent years. The coffee server is recognized as Red Wing but the metal stand is not. Value for a Village Green 1 gallon coffee server with cover and stand in excellent condition would be $75-125. Any damage would reduce the value.