Montmartre serving pieces

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My grandma recently passed away & I was given some pieces of her Red Wing pottery set. I have searched the internet high and low to get an idea of what this is worth but cannot find the design anywhere. I have a serving bowl, large platter & vegetable tray. The pieces have people painted on them in almost a French-like setting. Any thoughts or suggestions as to where I can find out more information on the pieces? Thank you! Emily


Answer: Your pieces are from the Montmartre dinnerware pattern. Montmartre featured an organ grinder and his monkey in an outdoor café setting with a table and chairs, lamp post, tree and building hand painted on various pieces of the pattern. The Montmartre brochure refers to the “sidewalks of Parée”, so your thoughts about a French setting are accurate. You can try an Internet search for Montmartre dinnerware but probably won’t find much there. If you have additional questions about this pattern you can post them here.
Values for the items you’ve listed, assuming they are in excellent condition with no damage:
Serving bowl (nappy): $25-30
Platter (made in 13” and 15” sizes): $40-60
Veg tray (probably a relish dish): $25-30