Capistrano and Leaf Magic values

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I’ve seen lots of questions and answers in regards to the Capistrano Dinnerware but have yet to see values for the spoon rest, egg plate, covered soup tureen and trivet.Also what is the value of a Leaf Magic dinner plate?Thank-you very much,really enjoy this section. Stacy

Answer: Your inquiry involves some of the more difficult to find Capistrano items. As usual, the following estimated values assume excellent condition.
Spoon rest: $50-60
Egg plate: $60-75
Covered soup tureen: $75-100
Trivet: $75-100
Leaf Magic refers to an optional dinner plate made for the Quartette dinnerware pattern. There are no other Leaf Magic items, only the dinner plate. The leaves on a Leaf Magic plate included the four colors used for Quartette, thus it provided a more colorful alternative to the solid colored Quartette plates. The current value for a Leaf Magic dinner plate in excellent condition is $25-30.
Thank you for the kind words about this section — much appreciated!