Ardennes Plate

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I have a redwing plate that I can’t find the pattern anywhere or anything about it. ON the black writing logo on the back that it says Redwing pottery with a five section type straight wing. It says two words under that that my eyes can’t make out…like ? then painter? On the front it has a complete circle pattern of leaves painted on outside edge in green with brown twig branches in between. Was this a set? Kim

Answer: Ardennes is the name of your pattern. Along with Orleans, Brittany and Normandy it was one of four dinnerware patterns introduced in 1941 named for the provinces of France. The shape shared by these four patterns was named Provincial. Ardennes was indeed available as a full dinnerware set. In fact there are two distinctly different versions of Ardennes. The original 1941 version featured the band of green leaves and brown twigs on a cream colored background on all pieces in the pattern. That version was discontinued by 1946. In 1949 Ardennes was reintroduced with several changes. The background color was lighter and brighter. Plates and bowls retained the band of leaves and twigs decorations, but most hollow ware (accessories) were made in solid colors (either Forest Green or Dubonnet). The words under the wing on the bottom of your plate are “hand painted”.