Tampico Futura dinnerware

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Good Day to you! I am looking for value information on a set of Red Wing dinnerware that has been in my family for 3 generations. According to the website it is the "Tampico Futura of 1955" which fits the family time frame. The bottom of the set all have the number 1106 below the Red Wing emblem. Some items have been chipped and a cup handle glued but almost all of it is in excellent condition. The following is a list of the items I have in my set: 9 dinner plates, 7 cup saucers & 6 cups, 2 salad plates 7"x6.5", 3 small bowls 5"x4.5", 1 set salt/pepper shakers, gravy boat, divided serving bowl, 3 serving bowls 9"x8", bottom of butter dish, divided appetizer platter, 13"x9" serving platter, 14"x11" serving platter and 1 creamer. We were about to let them go at a garage sale and decided to keep them until we had a general value for them. We are no longer able to store them. Thanks for all your help and wonderful website. Cindy

Answer: Tampico was one of 10 dinnerware patterns made in the Futura shape. Tampico was introduced in 1955 and was one of Red Wing’s best selling patterns right up until the business closed in 1967. The number 1106 is a stock or lot number and does not provide the identity of the pattern or item as many people believe. Your collection would be make a good starter set for a collector interested in building a set of Tampico, but the mismatched number of basic place setting pieces would turn off some potential buyers. There are no rare or scarce items among the pieces on your list, so the value of the collection isn’t high. If all items listed were in excellent condition the collection would be worth around $150-200. Even slight damage reduces the value of a common piece by at least 50%, thus the value of this collection will be less depending on which items have chips or other damage and the extent of that damage.