3 piece chafing dish marked Red Wing

Hi, I have a 3 piece chafing dish set. A brown ceramic stand which is 3 1/2" h and has a brown sterno holder which sits inside. A brown ceramic pan which is 3 1/2" h and 8 1/2" across sits on top and has a ceramic handle. The pan and stand have a ribbed pattern around them and the pan is blue inside. The cover is missing. Both pieces are marked red wing usa in raised letters on the bottom. I cannot find any info on this set. Could you help with a pattern name and value? Thanks, Rick

Answer: A photo would be helpful, but I believe I can identify your items from your description. The warmer stand is from the Village Green dinnerware pattern . They were made in two sizes, 8 inch and 5.5 inch. Various food and liquid holders such as casseroles, teapots, beverage servers and bean pots could be set on a warmer to keep the contents hot. Value for an 8 inch warmer in excellent condition is $25 to $35.

The other item was called a Fondue Casserole. While the colors are the same as the Village Green pattern, the Fondue Casserole is not included in any Village Green brochures or price lists. Instead it is listed on a Novelty and Gift Items brochure. No cover was provided with the Fondue Casserole; instead it has a spout on one side for pouring out liquids. Value for this piece in excellent condition is also in the range of $25 to $35.