Pink Spice 77 piece set

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Hello, I submitted a question about my dinner set and was told I needed an inventory of them to get a better estimate. I have the Pink Spice Dinner Set, in the color pink. 77 total pieces when counting lids. 6 lrg dinner plates 5 salad plates, 1 sm plate, 9 pink curved sm bowls. 1 lrg serving bowl and 1 large serving bowl with a lid. 5 serving plates of various shapes. One is elevated at one end. I am wondering what that was used to serve. 10 teacups and 10 saucers, 1 teapot, 2 creamers and 2 sugar bowls with lids. 1 set of salt and pepper shakers, and 1 dish that appears to me to be a gravy server. It is in excellent condition. A few very small chips on some of the curved bowl plate dishes. I do not know what they are called either. This is what I loved about this set is the various shapes it has and the colors with the little yellow butterfly. I would like to know an estimated value and how do I go about selling it? I would also like to know what the serving dishes were called and used to serve. Thank you. Julie

Answer: First I’ll try to identify some of the items in your photo. In the back to the right of the teacups is a teapot. The sugar and creamer are next, and a large salad bowl is in the center at the back of the photo. Moving to the right from the salad bowl there appears to be a platter, then a slanted bread tray and a covered casserole. There is a stack of individual salad bowls at the far right. In the center at the front is a gravy boat (looks like a very wide creamer), another creamer and sugar, and a pair of salt & pepper shakers. Sorry but I can’t see enough detail to identify the other various bowls and plates. I think what you refer to as "pink curved small bowls" are the individual salad bowls seen at the far right in the photo.

This is a very nice Pink Spice collection. One drawback is that the number of items don’t match: 6 dinner plates, 5 salad plates. 10 cups & saucers, etc. But place setting pieces are not difficult to find and could be added if somebody wishes to fill out the collection. The teapot, large salad bowl, bread tray and covered casserole are the more valuable items in this set. Assuming these important pieces are in excellent condition and most of the others are as well, I’d estimate the value of this collection to be in the range of $350 to $450. Keep in mind this is likely not the value an antique dealer would pay to buy the collection from you; this would be a fair price on the open market. For suggestions on selling Red Wing please see the FAQ section in the dark green area at the very top of this page.