Red Wing Picardy pattern

I was wondering what an eight piece dinnerware set of Redwing china Picardy pattern would be worth I have 8 dinner plates, 8 soup bowls, 8 dessert dishes and 8 saucers They are all in excellent condition most have never been used even. The pattern is Flowers Yellow,blue and brown My mother got them from the Red Wing factory in Red Wing Minnesota when they were going out of buisness. Penny

Answer: Picardy was a pattern made in the Village Green shape and it was introduced in 1960. It’s a nice pattern but it didn’t sell well so it can be difficult to find today. Your collection would be a good starting point for somebody interested in building a set of Picardy dinnerware. Value for the items as described would be around $100. Saucers without cups don’t have much value; if you do have the matching cups then add another $25.