Red Wing Town & Country Dinnerware Set in Rust

My Mother has a Red Wing Town & Country Dinnerware Set in Rust that was purchased new in the 1950s. She has service for 12 including Creamer, Sugar, Pitcher, Teapot, platters and serving bowls. She also has 6 T&C Wheat(?) plates. I have not been able to find anything on Wheat plates – just Wreath – was there a plate pattern Wheat in T&C dinnerware? Can you please let me know approximate value and IF she decides to sell, where would be the best place to do so. I’ve enjoyed looking at your website and the responses to questions submitted. Thanks! Kristin

Answer: The Town & Country pattern was made in a number of solid colors: White, Dusk Blue, Sand, Metallic Brown, Chartreuse, Peach, Rust, Forest Green and Gray. If your mother’s “Wheat” plates are the same shape as the Rust plates, then they are Town & Country plates in the Sand color. “Wheat” is a name given by collectors to a very limited production of Village Green pieces made in a tan color. “Wreath” was a Red Wing pattern for which we have no documentation; it was made in the 1930s and was likely a precursor to the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line. Neither Wheat nor Wreath are associated with the Town & Country pattern.
The value of the collection you have described would depend on exactly which pieces are included in the service for 12, the size and style of the serving bowls, and of course the condition of the items. Like most antique and collectible values, the value for Town & Country dinnerware has decreased somewhat in recent years along with the economy. A ballpark estimate would be $500 to $700 if all pieces are in mint condition; the value could go up or down depending on the exact items included in the collection. The value would be reduced considerably if a significant number of pieces are damaged or if more valuable pieces (like the teapot) have damage.
For suggestions on selling your Red Wing items see the FAQ section in the dark green area at the very top of this page.