Normandy Apple plates

My mother left me with some Red Wing Dishes. I know they are Red Wing because they say so on the back and have the red wind painted on all of them. The only other writing on the back says hand painted. There are 4ea of the 6" plates, 4ea of the 10" plates and 1 of a 14" platter. The design on the plates are an apple. Any idea if these are worth anything and how would I go about selling for the best price if they are?? Kay


Answer: The name of the apple pattern is Normandy. This version of the Normandy pattern was introduced in 1949 and made until 1952. Normandy is fairly popular with collectors and the plates are certainly worth something. Value depends very much upon the condition. The values below assume excellent condition. Chips, hairlines, cracks, flakes or stains will reduce the value significantly.

6" plate: $5-$10
10" plate: $10-20
14" platter: $25-40

For suggestions on selling Red Wing items, please click on the FAQ link in the dark green area at the top of this page.