“Chef Pierre” Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hi, I see lots of information about the Red Wing Chef Pierre Cookie Jar, but nothing on the Salt and Pepper shakers. I have a set that is the red (pink), that is just like the cookie jar. They are about 5" tall with the S & P on the belly and marked U.S.A. on the back of his hat or head, no marking on the bottom. I would think that they were made about the same time as the cooking jars so most interested in the value. No chips cracks or stains, no stoppers. Sorry no photo. Thanks for any help Sam W.

Answer: Red Wing did not make the salt & pepper shakers that resemble the Chef Pierre cookie jar. I’ve seen the shakers to which you refer but do not know which company made them or when they were produced. Potteries, both American and foreign, were not shy about copying a popular design from a competitor. Sorry, I do not know what these shakers are worth. I’d guess the value to be in the range of $10 to $20 but that is merely speculation on my part.