Red Wing 547 Ball Pitcher

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I am beginning the process of downsizing. I am sending you an attachemnt of a Red Wing pitcher. The number of the bottom is #547. It says Red Wing on the bottom along with USA. The bottom has several small pieces of the blue pain off, but not really chipps Carol

ANSWER: Your ball-shaped pitcher is from the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line. It was introduced in the mid 1930s and made until the mid to late 1940s. Your pitcher includes "USA" in the mark so it was likely made in the 1940s. This ball pitcher was popular in its day and was produced in a wide range of colors. Value today would be $30 to $40, assuming excellent condition with no damage. The missing glaze on the bottom of your pitcher could be chips, flakes or glaze skips. This would likely reduce the value somewhat depending on the visibility and extent of the flaw.