Hearthside Divide veggie tray

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Hello there… I was wondering if you could tell me the value of a couple of Red Wing pieces? One of which I do believe is part of a dinner set possibly as it resembles a double serving dish. It is Marked "Red Wing hand painted Oven Proof 341" The other is a turqoise apple which looks fairly old marked Red Wing on the bottom. And the last is a large HEAVY ash tray also marked on the bottom rim. Thanks for your time……. Rome and Jill


Answer: The divided vegetable dish if from the Hearthside dinnerware pattern. It was introduced in 1961 and made for several years. It was not a big seller in its day and doesn’t seem to be especially popular with collectors today. The 341 number on the bottom is merely a stock or lot number used in the production process. Value for this divided vegetable is $20 to $25, assuming it is in excellent condition.

The turquoise apple item is probably from the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line but I’d need more information to identify it. Apple shaped marmites, casseroles, marmalade jars, casseroles, bowls and cookie jars were made in a range of sizes. As for the ash tray, Red Wing made hundreds of different ashtrays. Additional details or a preferably a photo would be needed to identify yours.