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I have been collecting "Spruce" for many years and have a complete set of 24. I think I also have most serving pieces with the exception of the tallest cannister. What is the approximate value of the "Turquoise and White" bean pot and small casserole in the photo? It is the larger bean pot and smaller sized casserole. Both are in excellent condition. What other pieces were available in the Turquoise and White line? Thanks for any info you can pass my way and for the excellent website that I just found. Paul


Answer: Larry is on vacation so I am filling in for him.Some of my answer is taken from an earlier answer by Larry, the rest is my creation. White and Turquoise is an extremely scarce pattern and was made for little more than a year. A July 1955 brochure introduced two new patterns in the new Contemporary shape, "Contemporary Spruce" and Contemporary White", as well as the Kermis party ware line. The names "White and Turquoise" and "White with Turquoise" were also used in company literature as names for your pattern. Kermis, Spruce, and White and Turquoise all had short production lives and are difficult to find today. All three are included on a January 1956 price list.  A Red Wing Company letter dated April 21, 1956 said that Contemporary White would be discontinued effective January 1, 1957. By 1958 Spruce too was gone.

As for value, it’s tough to price a pattern that so seldom turns up for sale. Based on the few White and Turquoise pieces I’ve seen sold, I’d estimate the value of your canister with cover to be in the range of $150 to $300 if it is in mint condition.  Damage will reduce the value somewhat but not as much as it would on a  more common item.  The Bean Pot would also be in the same range but probably at the lower end.    You really have a fine collection of Spruce and it is nicely displayed.

The January 1, 1956 Price list calls for the following items in Contemporary White (White & Turquoise)
Salt & Pepper
Casserole with Cover 1 ½ Qt.
Casserole with Cover 2 ½ Qt.
Water Pitcher, 2 Qt.
Salad Bowl, 12”
Marmite with Cover
Bean Pot with Cover and Handle, 2 Qt.
Bean Pot with Cover and Handle, 4 Qt.
Munch Jar
Canister, Small
Canister, Medium
Canister, Large or Cookie Jar
Terry Moe