Village green pieces

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I have a large set of what I believe is from the Village Green line. Out of all the pieces I have, only the coffee pot is actually marked. I was wondering if there is anyway to tell for sure if it’s all Red Wing or not. And if you wouldn’t mind, what would a ballpark figure be for the value of it all? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer me.

Answer: All of the items in the three photos appear to be from the Village Green pattern. The only ones that might be questionable are the tall beverage mugs that appear on the right side at the back of one photo. Most Village Green mugs are bottom marked RED WING USA. If none of them are marked they may have been made by a competitor. The photo that displays here is too small so see much detail. Village Green was made for 15 years and over that time many production molds were used. Some included the RED WING USA mark in the bottom, others did not. Thus it is not uncommon to find Village Green items in both marked and unmarked versions.

It can be difficult to differentiate Village Green dinnerware from similar wares from other potteries and from Red Wing’s earlier Oomph pattern. Most Village Green items have rings around the bottom or on the sides. Red Wing dinnerware reference books can help identify Village Green items. Experience in viewing and handling various items is the best teacher.

Approximate values:
Teapot and butter dish: 30-50 each
Beverage mugs (if authentic Red Wing mugs): $15-20 each
Bean pot and warmer stand: $25-35 each
Creamer & sugar: $10-15 each
Salt & Pepper: $15-25 pair
Cup & saucer: $10-15
Dinner Plate: $10-15
Baking dish: $15-20
Marmites: $10-15
Salad bowl: $15-20

All values assume excellent condition. Flaws will reduce the value significantly.