Bob White bowls

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Dear Expert: I have a set of 4 bowls with the stamped label "RED WINNG HAND PAINTED OVEN PROOF U.S.A." on each one’s base. There are 3 numbers stamped beneath the "U.S.A.," but they are partially obscured (on each bowl); it looks like the numbers are "241." The bowls are scoop-shaped (i.e., not completely round, but purposely ovalish, with an elongated shape characterized by 2 opposite ends/sides that higher than the other 2 sides). They each have a cream/tan colored background, with brown speckled glaze all over. On the interior of each both, there are two birds (brown and turquoise- colored) and a turquoise colored branch/flower above them. Very faintly in the background behind the birds are what appear to be branches(?). The bowls are in excellent condition — brand new! — with original brown paper/cardboard separators between them. I would love to know how old they are (in addition to their value)! Thank you very much, A. Howard

Answer: Your bowls are from the popular Bob White pattern. Bob White was introduced in 1954 and remained Red Wing’s best selling dinnerware pattern until the business closed in 1967. Bowls with the elongated shape that you described were made in three sizes: sauce bowl (about 5.5 inches), rim soup bowl (about 8.5 inches) and nappy or vegetable bowl (about 9.5 inches). The numbers (241) on the bottom of the bowls are merely stock or lot numbers; they do not indicate a specific piece or size. Value depends on the size of the bowl: sauce bowl $5-10, rim soup $15-20, nappy $25-30.