Red Wing Blossom Time-Green pattern

I have some dishes in the Red Wing Blossom Time-Green pattern. I have 7 dinner plates, 1 small bowl, 5 salad/desert plates, 7 saucers, 8 teacups and creamer, teapot and salt & pepper shakers. They have been used and have glazing on most pieces, they are slightly discolored also. The small bowl has several small chips and one teacup has a small, almost undetectable chip. Otherwise they are in very good condition. Thanks for your help! Linda

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In regard to my earlier question 3 dinner plates (10.5 inches) are marked with the number 292 on the back under red Red Wing mark, the other dinner plates have a small 4 in the wing portion of the mark. 1 salad plate has 1112 stamped on it, the rest have a small number 4 in the wing, the bowl has 1124 USA on it, and the one saucer has 116 USA on it and the rest of the saucers have a small 5 in the wing. Thanks, again!

Answer: I appreciate your thorough description but the numbers on the bottoms of the plates are merely lot or stock numbers; they do not indicate a specific piece and are of no interest to most collectors. The photo shows a tall set of salt & pepper shakers in colors that resemble the Blossom Time pattern. These shakers were not made by Red Wing and are not part of the pattern. Blossom Time shakers were shaped like mushrooms and would be the same green color as the teapot and creamer. The pepper is short and squat; it resembles a button mushroom. The salt is taller and slender, similar to a morel mushroom.

The teapot is worth $30 to $40. Dinner plates and the creamer are worth $10 to $15 each. Each of the remaining pieces is worth around $5. All values assume excellent undamaged condition. Crazing, stains, chips and cracks will reduce the value by at least 50%.