Futura 1 quart water pitcher

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We acquired this through an online auction recently. The shape and size is that of a futura f-16 water pitcher, but the decoration is not like anything i have ever seen.It appears to be signed "MB", which you can see in the lower right of the attached photo. I have attached the best overall photo from the auction catalog and have 3 others, but I can’t seem to load more than one. Thanks, RJ

Answer: Photos of this pitcher were sent to me separately. It is 1 quart pitcher in the Futura shape and it was formed from a Red Wing mold. But I strongly doubt that it was made by Red Wing Potteries. While very attractive, the colors and artwork do not resemble anything used on Red Wing dinnerware. If it was a company test piece, the colors would be similar to those used in production pieces at that time.

When the pottery closed in 1967 the company’s assets were sold, including the molds used to form dinnerware and art pottery items. Because the company was no longer in business there was no attempt to rub out the Red Wing name from the molds. Many of these molds were obtained by art schools and hobby potters. Some collectors are mildly interested in them as curiosities but generally they have little value. The artwork on this pitcher is attractive and thus it might be of more interest than most hobby shop items. Many post-production items made from Red Wing molds have bright garish colors. The artist for this pitcher did nice, high quality work.